We provide you with the most reliable, highest performing printer for your photobooth business

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You do not want to deal with printer issues in the middle of your event, with clients breathing down your neck and the risk of affecting your company's reputation and business

  • Printer slow down from heavy printing and over heating
  • Printer breakdown
  • Paper jam
  • Inconsistent color
  • Alignment issues
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You want to provide the highest quality prints for your clients

  • Accurate skin color
  • Consistent colors
  • Consistent alignment especially with template and border designs
  • Fast print speed
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The Mitsubishi Advantage is Your Answer

Ultra Reliability | Highest Performance | Best Quality Prints

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Ultra Reliability

  • The heaviest duty printer with dual fan engine for non stop printing (up to 450 prints/hour), no more overheating, slowing down, or breakdown 
  • Free from paper jam 
  • Same media across all it's different models. You no longer have to worry over the messy logistics and hassle of keeping track of different media stocks for different printer models or having your older media becoming obsolete. This is attributed to Mitsubishi's stable product architecture and blueprint of the future
  • With Mitsubishi's regional headquarter and printer engineer team right here in Singapore at Alexandra (Beside Ikea), you get the best support and resources right here
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Highest Performance

  • Fastest print speed of 7.8s/print
  • Smart image analyser to automatic provide best setting for print speed and quality
  • Side concealed power cable design to provide the smallest footprint for kiosk
  • Beautiful matte black housing  
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Best Quality Prints

  • Best skin colour straight from printer without adjustments
  • Accurate colour consistency (same colour accuracy from 1st print to 100,000 prints)
  • Print alignment precision (No template/border shifts over the course of your printing) This is attributed to Mitsubishi's full shaft paper drum support 
  • High dynamic range for dark tones and details
  • Multiple print size options

The Mitsubishi Advantage Range

Provides you with it's range of Ultra Reliable, Highest Performance, Best Quality Prints Printers, Trusted by Professional Photobooth Vendors and Photographers Around the World

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Mitsubishi CP-D90DW 

The newest member to the Mitsubishi family, with further breakthroughs from the highly rated CP-D70DW in terms of design, print speed, print performance and made ultra heavier duty with it's dual fan engine to provide you with non-stop printing of up to 450 prints constant per hour

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The highly reviewed true workhorse that has been serving our regular clients of printing more than 10,000 high quality prints monthly for years without issues

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Huge photobooth operators who run events of up to few thousand pax swear by this heavy duty beast which churns out 4R prints at an amazing 5.9 seconds/print with its double deck platform 

If you have customers asking for card size prints that easily fit into wallets or you appreciate having the smallest and lightest professional Dye-Sub printers especially for the ladies, we have something just right for you    


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The Sinfonia Advantage

Smallest | Lightest | Only Native Card Size Printer

In the World

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Smallest Dye-Sub Printer in the World

  • Measuring only 27.2(W) x 16.8cm(H) x 35.1cm(D) cm , it is the smallest professional Dye-Sub grade printer in the world
  • Fits easily into any hand carry luggage with space still 
  • Beautiful matte black housing
Sinfonia CS2-C Card Printer.jpg

Lightest Dye-Sub Printer in the World

  • Weighs < 10kg
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Only Native Card Size Printer in the World

  • True native card size prints that fits easily into your wallet
  • No need for manual cutting (inaccurate alignment, waste of manpower and money, jam when customers are waiting for your crew to cut the prints)
  • Even allows you to adjust your width settings from 5.5cm - 6cm, giving you 5 native card size options

If you are unhappy with your current printer performance,

or you can free your mind to focus on servicing your clients and growing your business with a much better printer, drop us a note here and our company rep will get in touch with you to access your needs and eligibility to offer you our trade in upgrade programs 

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Our Mitsubishi printers are available for short-term rentals too if you only require them on an ad-hoc basis or you have a big event that requires more printers

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